Self-care is part of the job

Self-care is part of the job

I was recently invited by Suave to a hair styling session. Admittedly, my first response to evening events is no, especially if they fall on a Thursday and located anywhere near potential traffic. The moment I was about to make some lame excuse, I realized that I had not washed my hair (I won’t even tell you for how long) and I looked like a hot mess. I really needed a boost. Owning a business has taken its toll on me big time. 

Self-care is part of the job

They told me that the styling session included a blowout, an uber and dinner. How could I say no? It was the universe telling me to get it together. I can’t just sit at the computer all day. I know more than anyone that it’s not healthy to do that. Seriously, when will I learn? Saying yes was the best decision I made that week. Jenny Cho, celebrity hairstylist, worked on my hair in no time (as I sipped way too many rosés because I forgot how to act when I go out) using Suave’s Rose Oil Infusion shampoo and conditioner, which I currently love. It smells so good and leaves my hair my super soft and shiny.

suave rose oil

If you’re burning the candle at both ends, don’t. It’s not healthy. You have to take time for yourself. Even if you have to force yourself to do it. You will be happy you did. Make it an evening. Set a bath, do you hair and pour yourself a rosé. And while you’re at it, try Suave products if you haven’t already. I really do think they’ve got a great thing going on at an amazing price point. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get salon results. 


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