Unleash your curls

curlyhair I’ve been trying out new hair products in the hopes of giving my hair some breathing room from the constant heating tools it endures. I really have never been happy with any products I try, especially the ones used in salons (for the exception of the Moroccan Oil line). My hair is curly/wavy and very full body. The strands are very thin so I easily get fly-aways, which always ends up making my hair unmanageable. I want my curls to just stay place for at least an hour. They almost always go flat or frizzy. Last week, I attended a conference in Atlanta and was given Curls Unleashed products and Curls Defining Moments Serum. The shampoo lather was pretty amazing. I felt I was really getting my hair clean (that’s a big deal when you have a lot of hair). The conditioner was rich but not heavy. The serum was truly amazing. I sectioned my hair and combed in the serum piece by piece. After combing in the serum I twirled my hair and shaped curls all throughout. It dried that way and actually lasted two days (I don’t wash my hair every day). I wrote more about it on Babble. hat

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