Day to Night

I feel it’s important to have a variety of basic pieces in different colors in your wardrobe that are easy to dress up for many occasions. There are days when work, travel, meetings, parent/teacher conferences and all of the above seem to happen at once. For day like these, I’ll opt for a peplum or button down top with a pair of skinnies. For comfort, animal print flats go a long way to help spruce up your casual look. Don’t forget your chunky jewelry!
To dress up your casual look for night, it’s great to have a few well-fitted blazers in white, black and neutral in your closet. Beige pumps or strappies and a neutral bag are must-haves. These are just some of things I am to go into depth as a new Style Blogger for Babble. I’m so excited to join this channel. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been writing about Beauty since July and have since been given the opportunity to talk about my other love – Fashion! There will be more of that on this blog too.

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