Prom 2018

Here’s my baby all grown up and heading to prom with his childhood friend of 13 years. I can’t express how happy it made me that they went together. I’ve watched these two grow into young adults, and I felt so honored that I was asked to help them get ready. 

It has been a rollercoaster of a year. My son turned 18 back in the fall, and I guess he thought that meant instant liberation from rules and guidance. He didn’t get the memo that I’m a Latina mom, and that 18 means nothing to me. Sure. He can go to war and would be tried as an adult in court if he ever broke the law – but in this house, you’re still responsible for picking up your clothes, getting home at curfew and cleaning the litter box. Needless to say, we both went through a great deal of growing pains and many doses of reality 1. He’s growing into a man and I needed to let go of saving/guiding/consulting him all the time 2. Mom is just human doing the best she can because she loves you. 

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So this is definitely a more accurate picture of the energy behind these posed photos (because mom). Seeing these two in tuxes was very emotional for me. My son met his friend Tyler freshman year, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. The day after prom, he moved to Texas. I will miss their giggles and fridge raiding at all hours of the night. Before he left, he hugged and thanked me for eveything I’ve done for him. Ugh. Pass the tissues. I can’t take it anymore. These boys become like sons as well, and you can’t help but love them too. 

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Their prom was held at The Autry Museum (a museum focusing on the southwest), which is my favorite art instution in all of Los Angeles. I love stories and artifacts from the old west. Maybe it’s because I’m from the east coast, I’m so fascinated by everything that happened here culturally. The grounds are beautiful and a fantastic place for a great party, which makes me so happy. It took a lot of work and sacrifice to raise my son in an area where he can have so much beauty around him. I often tell him how fortunate he is to have had the experience of a great school and community, eventhough it seemed like “everyone else” was having so much more fun and excitement in their cities. Because the grass is always greener. It makes me proud that his father and I (in our own way) were able to provide a good life for our son.

Up next – graduation.

This all went by so fast. Sometimes I just sit, stare at the wall and reflect on all the years that literally flashed before my eyes. What a journey this has all been. Don’t mind me if I’m in my feelings over the next two months. Because that is where I will be. 

Can’t help it. Love this young man with everything in me. 

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