Easter is for new beginnings

The other day I was on the phone talking about a few things that happened over the winter and – wow – it seemed like such a vague memory. Maybe it’s mom brain or the fact that way too much happens in a day to recall details from just a few months ago. Maybe it’s simply the change of weather and the scent of flowers blooming that just takes my mind to new places. This has always been a strange time of year for me. It marks the anniversary of my grandparents death. It also marks the anniversary of “symbolic” deaths (like relationships, etc). And what do you know, it’s also the day Jesus resurrected from the dead. So. Interestingly enough, it certainly screams New Beginnings all around. And by Summer I always find myself in a new venture with a welcoming horizon ahead. I guess that’s the beauty of Spring and the real meaning behind Easter. Death comes in many forms, and sometimes it needs to happen in order for life to begin (again).

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter … and here’s to new beginnings!

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