Kmart Latina Smart style

When I was a child, I had a dream of being an artist and an actress. I used to love to sing and dance, and especially draw. But it wasn’t anything I thought I could do for a living. From my bedroom in the Bronx, it seemed like a reality for other people. At night, I would hang out in my room and listen to music with a sketch book in hand. Fortunately I had a mother who was very encouraging and I had several awesome art teachers. As time went on, I developed a portfolio of work and decided to major in Commercial Advertising – I wanted to create concepts for brands.

During my Freshman year, I took a required painting classes, and fell in love with it. I knew it was something I needed to do more. My art teacher encouraged me to go to an art school (I was in a Catholic College) and study painting. My mom, excited about this possible new venture, helped me fill out out applications for art school and attend interviews with the admissions departments. With a portfolio filled with years and years of drawings, I got accepted into the Illustration and Arts Education program at the School of Visual Arts. During my four years of college (pretty awesome years!) I challenged myself as an artist while working at the most amazing museums in NYC as part of my student teaching program. And – the rest is history. I went from thinking I could never be a part of the art world to lecturing at the Guggenheim. My drive, my mother and my education played a major role in the realization of my dreams.

So here I am, a woman who has had a career in the museum field for over 17 years. I also lived out my to dream to be an actress – with several films and national commercials under my belt. And remember my passion for creating content for brands? I’m writing this post in collaboration with Kmart’s Latina Smart campaign – which I’m so excited to be a part of. I’m wearing a maxi from their Sofia Vergara line. So funny how life works sometimes. What are/were your dreams?

Thanks so much for the pictures Vianessa.

(dress/sofia vergara for kmart, jewelry/kmart, shoes/zara, lipstick/revlon coral. Post in collaboration with Kmart)

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