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I have a confession. I used to have a fear of flying. Well, I’m still nervous when I fly but I had not flown in years (like maybe 10 years or so) until I booked a commercial that was scheduled to shoot in Texas. When I auditioned, I actually hoped I wouldn’t book it. Sure enough, I did. I tried to come up with a ton of reasons why I would not be able to make the shoot. I had nightmares and a ton of anxiety leading up the day I was to take off.

Fear of Flying

I was riddled with fear as I took my seat. I just kept taking deep breaths and tried to relax. Once we took off, I prayed to God and asked him to watch over all of us. A sense of calm took over me as I did that. I knew I was in His hands and there was nothing I could but just try my best to relax. The fear was all in my head. It had more to do with control than anything else.

It’s weird that I would have such an intense fear when my step-dad is a pilot. He has explained just about every detail he could to calm my nerves. But fear isn’t logical. You just have to get in there and face it. I was proud of myself for getting on that flight. I shot my commercial and had a great experience. The flight home was still a but nerve-wracking but not nearly as daunting. I did it. I faced my fear.

Overcoming a fear is a great feeling. I’m sure I will be nervous the next time I get on a plane. But … I will get on a plane again. That’s what matters.

(Harvey Bernard coat, BCBG belt, American Apparel black body suit, Steve Madden Boots, vintage gloves, photo by Winston Vargas)


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  1. It’s crazy, I stumbled upon this post and I can totally relate to it. I grew a fear out of nowhere… Still have not conquered it though. :(


  2. Love love love the coat and gloves and no worries everyone is afraid of something (whether they admit to it or not) it’s how it controls us that sets the brave from the cowardly apart. And you getting on a plane again was very brave as petty as it may seem.

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