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My son loves to play sports. He’s tried many things – basketball, track, tackle and flag football. For years, I wanted him to try soccer. For whatever reasons, he wasn’t into it. Until now. Turns out, it’s his sport. He feels passionate about it and hopes to one day play professionally. He certainly has the determination. My job as his mother is to support his endeavors, obviously. More importantly, my role is to ensure that he eats healthy foods in order for him to continue playing. With such a busy schedule, it’s easy to grab take-out or buy a frozen dinner. To avoid that, I create a menu every week.

Don’t get me wrong. My son loves pizza, wings and giant subs just like any kid. We go out and eat, but all is in moderation. I make sure that he gets the proper nutrition at home. So, every Sunday I write a list, shop, season the food and store in the freezer. This is great because it helps me see what we’re really eating every day. It also helps me be a little more creative in the kitchen, which my husband loves. Another added bonus: I spend less on groceries. That, we all love. More money in our pockets to do fun things. So instead of worrying about what’s for dinner, I can take my son to practice and use that time to go for a jog or walk around the field. By the time my husband gets home from work, dinner is on the table, we sit and enjoy our time together as a family. Is every day so flawless? No. Of course not. But when I don’t plan ahead, it gets too hectic and that’s not good for anyone. I highly suggest creating menus and shopping lists. It saves time, money, your sanity and it’s a great way to keep track of your meals and your diet, which in turn impacts your entire well-being and that of your family.

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  1. You are so right that meal planning should be an important part in our busy lives. As well, I enjoyed reading how you have supported your son while finding “his” sport!

  2. Shopping lists will defiantly keep your in check. What I learned throughout the years is that just because an item is on sale or it’s a BIG SALE, doesn’t mean you need it. My husband and I bump heads on this all the the time. He shows me an 11-pack of towelette wipes that tare like 12.00 a package. I am like , no no honey, we already have a pack at home, we don’t need more”. He goes, ” But it’s on SALE, your saving 3.00″!! LOL. In my opinion, use what you already got until you really need it. I am sure there is people that will beg to differ with me on that, but i feel even passing on a “sale” is saving if you don’t need it.

  3. Good for you, Rachel! That’s such a great thing. I wish I were better about planning out our meals. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of cook and I’ll usually come up with something on the fly. Which is not great for my kids because they end up eating all of the same things.

  4. Great tip! I sat down and calculated how much we spend on eating out and since then I have seen the light– one dinner and one lunch out per week! On weeks when I really have it together I post a little menu on the kitchen board. It really does help make us eat better and organized.

    1. It adds up. And when you think about it, was it really worth it? One wonderful dinner out (a date or family venture) beats a ton of take-out. I use YNAB to document all our expenses. It’s amazing how much can go on eating out. And let’s not even think about all the fat/grease restaurants use in their dishes.

  5. What amazing photos! I love that idea. My parents and I eat out a LOT, because it’s just us at home. But you’ve got the right idea– maybe we should plan ahead so we can eat at home more, and eat healthier. ;)

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