Checking in with yourself

checking in with yourself

If you leave it up to me, I will just work non-stop. I have to constantly keep myself in check. In order to make sure I don’t just keep working for work’s sake – I decided to incorporate batch working (more on that in another post) into my weeks and a day exclusive to me time. It’s my checking in with yourself day. It’s not down to a science yet, but I’m working on it all the time. The designated day is Thursday and, let me tell you, it’s the best things ever. 

Checking in with yourself

Now I know that it’s harder to do this when you have a full-time job in an office but if you can squeeze in just a few hours that you commit to yourself on the weekends or in the evenings, it will help you reset and shed whatever is weighing on your shoulders from your work days. 

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On Thursdays, I organize my house (I know that doesn’t sound relaxing but it feels good to take control of my space), go for a walk and basically get things done in a slower pace. I have always found that Thursdays are my least productive day because I’m usually already fried so I decided to not fight it anymore. You win, Thursday. I’m slowing down.

Here’s what what my week looks like these days: Monday – Wednesday are my beast mode days. Thursday is my check in day and Fridays are my catching up and setting up days. I typically work on and off on the weekends (shoots, photo editing, art work etc). 

When you choose an entrepreneurial life you can easily keep working. But I see checking in with myself as part of the job. If I’m not doing well mentally, physically or emotionally, it will reflect in my work. That simple. 

If there’s something that brings you peace and happiness, do more of it. I get more resolved in my head when I’m not thinking about it. Clarity helps the ideas and answers flow a lot easier. 


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