Beauty portrait: Ode to the french

So people ask me all the time – How do you do it all? They also ask – How do you do it all and still have time do your hair and makeup all the time. Truth is, I absolutely do not have hair and makeup done all the time. It’s not a priority at all. In fact, when I work, my hair is up in the ultimate moño and I wear yoga clothes or whatever comfortable cotton material I can find. This blog (and work related appearances) is actually a motivator for me to get it together. Otherwise, the current of life would definitely sweep me away, yoga pants and all. I get so many beautiful products and really do love to get dolled up but it’s not always feasible to do it all the time. So what you see here is my way of celebrating a bit of me time and a fun way to capture what I like wear when I go out with my beau. But it’s not a reflection of day to day life. It’s my way of staying inspired and sharing a bit of that with the world. It’s also my way of saying, I get you. I too have days that I just don’t want to bother. But I know I have to break the pattern because the way you look impacts the way you feel. It’s important we give ourselves a boost whenever we can – Whether it’s makeup, a hairstyle, a hat or your favorite perfume.
I have a thing for the French. I’ve always been obsessed with their culture, the beautiful art and their delicious cuisine. In fact, 18th century France is what I focused on when I was in grad school because I could not get enough of their artistic depictions of every day life (well, if you were a poet, a farmer or socialite). This L’Oreal fiery red was perfect for a little ode to the French – Cat eye, striped shirt to add. Oh, and you cannot have an ode to the French without Chanel. It’s a simple look to put together for a lunch date or day out.

(L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm in Fiery Red, La Ligne de Chanel for upper lid, Urban Decay All Nighter Eye Liner for lower lid, H&M hat similar, Zara striped top similar)

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  1. LOVE everything about this post! I, too, am madly obsessed with all things French. You’ve definitely inspired me to add more signature French-style pieces to my wardrobe.

    And totally feeling you on the yoga pants look. I work from home. ‘Nough said. ;)

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