Banana Bread Breakfast

banana bread recip - theartmuseWe get so caught up preparing Thanksgiving dinner, it’s easy to forget breakfast. Since you’re already going to indulge, why not start the day with something decadent. My guys love freshly baked banana bread. My son loves to have it warm with a tall glass of milk while my fiance takes his with black coffee. Bake it the night before (I used this recipe) and set your coffee pot. There’s nothing like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee on a day off from work, is there?

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This year, we’re totally going the relaxed route. I’m baking banana bread and serving it with a side a fresh berries. For lunch, we’re keeping it light as we don’t want to fill up before turkey time. We decided we didn’t want to prepare a bird this year since we’re keeping it just the three of us. Last year, we had a house full of friends and kids, and it was amazing. But we wanted to keep things intimate and simple this year. We ordered a turkey from Whole Foods and a few sides. My fiance and I are going to bake bread, a dessert and a few healthy goodies, but that’s it. I started setting the table to make it quaint and cozy for us. No fuss. Just quiet family time with a few games and a movie (if we’re not too stuffed to go out). Everything I’m thankful for is right here with me. I don’t need much else.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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