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I must have edited this post a hundred times. This beautiful stream of photos is from an event I attended in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Having two aunts who survived cancer (breast and ovarian) and two grandmothers pass away from cancer (one who I was very close to and the other who I never got to meet), this topic hits so close to home that the post I wrote (over and over) is now saved in a folder as a private journal. I’m not quite ready to share the details about the day I said goodbye to my grandmother. It’s still too painful. But in honor of her memory, I will say that her faith, strength and determination is something I deeply admired. She lived every day to the fullest. Even if she wasn’t feeling well, she got up, made food, entertained guests (she loved to have people over for dinner!), went to church and enjoyed decorating her home. The doctor had given her less than one year to live, but she proved them wrong by living with cancer for over eleven years. To me, she is proof that your mind has a tremendous amount of control over your well-being.

On Sunday, I was invited by the wonderful Oakley to drink wine at District Wine and indulge with a tasting of Ghirardelli chocolates – all in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness. Ghirardelli is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation per purchase. When you buy a Ghirardelli product, look for the code on the box and enter the number HERE.

And for more information about breast cancer and ways you can help, head over to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Thank you Oakley for the invitation, District Wine for hosting and Thirsty Girl for the amazing pairings.

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  1. Some stories will always be for just us. Hugs. I love the pictures and how you shared your grandmother’s spirit in defying doctors. Only amazing people can find that strength to enjoy life to the fullest. Yay for Ghirardelli Chocolates is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness…can’t think of a better reason why I MUST go buy some chocolate :)

  2. Wow, your grandmother sounds like a true inspiration. & thanks for sharing these pics, you made our mouths water! Since the topic is breast cancer, just want to share that my homeopath doctor swears that antiperspirants are a big cause of it. So you may want to find alternative options to smell like a rose :)

  3. So glad you came! Your photos are gorgeous and your story inspirational. We both have women in our lives taken by cancer. So, let’s say in solidarity, SCREW CANCER!

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