“I feel pretty …”

“Oh so pretty … ”

What does guacamole have to do with West Side Story? A LOT. But only in my head, of course. I’m obsessed with the film. So when I heard that the Hollywood Bowl would be playing it in collaboration with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, I could not resist an evening of gang dance-offs and what I think is THE best love story of all time. The beauty of the Hollywood Bowl is that you can pack a picnic basket with goodies to eat while watching your performance. How awesome is that? So, what to bring, what to bring … ?

I decided to stop cyber stalking Presley’s Pantry, leaving her creepy comments like “Come over, I’m hungry”. Instead, I actually tried one of her recipes. And, let me tell you, her guacamole was the perfect snack, especially during my “Somewhere, someday …” chip indulged sob fest. That song does it to me every time.

Thanks, Nicole. This was a perfect touch to the evening! But seriously, whenever you have extra guacamole, feel free to come over. There I go again.

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  1. who doesn’t love guac!?!?!?! it’s a crime if someone doesn’t… i’m curious to taste PP’s recipe. Your pics came out nice.

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