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best meditation apps

Meditation is not for everyone, and it’s especially hard if you find it difficult to do it without a bit of guidance. I know this because I’m one of those people. Although I practice meditation often, I find it much easier to shut off the noise with a little bit of help. 

If you love the idea of meditation but not sure you can get into it, check out these meditation apps. I swear by the Calm app. I use it at my desk, in the morning, at night and even when I’m mid-flight and feel a bit of anxiety. 


Calm allows you to choose different experiences, which is why it’s currently my favorite. You can pick a 3-minute session or 25 if you really want to get your zen on. You can also choose their Daily Calm option, which is only 10 minutes long and can be done any time of the day as a break. If you prefer to do a bit of meditation before bed, the app also offers 20 guided meditations and soothing sounds for rest. 

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I used Headspace a lot when I was not well. I really had a hard time focusing on my breath, and this was a great app for that. If you’re just starting out, this app will explain the process while walking you through your meditation. It even has a reward system that shows you your progress and a buddy system you can share with friends, which is really cool if need the extra accountability. 


Need something you;d really like to meditate on? Better sleep? Work break? Buddhify is the go-to app for those who like a very customized session, which range from 5-30 minutes. 


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