the almighty green juice

I hope this green juice portrait really conveys just how much I rely on this glass of goodness for my health. It’s also one of the prettiest shades of green I’ve ever seen, don’t you agree?

For years, I’ve been a coffee-holic and a breakfast skipper. But by mid-day I felt run down, lethargic, hyper-exhausted and unfocused. Assuming we all felt that way and that it was just part of getting older with a dose parenting exhaustion and a sprinkle of over-working (because that’s totally normal), I learned to accept feeling pretty blech on a daily basis. Like I said in my New Vision post, it wasn’t until my body screamed at me that I made a conscious effort to really listen and take action. Part of the new plan, included a lot of greens. And since we can’t always eat the amounts of veggies we need in one day, green juice is by far the best “supplement” for that. I actually made the decision to have two green juices a day after spending a tremendous amount of time sucking in all of Kris Carr’s knowledge about health. If you don’t know Kris’s work, she is the founder of Crazy, Sexy, Cancer. If you want to be inspired, she’s your girl. If you want a great recipe, she’s got you covered. That’s where I initially got my recipe for green juice and have since developed new ideas day to day. Check out how her recipe here or read below.

Based on Kris’s suggestions, my go-to green juice for a 16 oz glass includes kale, spinach or romaine, celery, a slice of avocado, a slice of pear or apple, a few slices of cucumber, broccoli, a bit of coconut water and a dash of cinnamon. This is a great recipe to start with, as you can always add or substitute ingredients to switch it up. You just want to make sure you don’t add too much fruit, as it will spike up your sugar levels. I actually use a blender instead of a juicer because I like getting the full veggie and it’s a much easier clean up when you’re done. I drink two of these a day in between meals and feel more focused, energetic and just … overall awesome.

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