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This past week was insane. It’s the only word I can think of to truly describe it. Between the traffic, running around and all that I have on my plate, there were moments I wanted to just crawl into bed and not talk to and hear from anyone. It was tough. 

However, for some reason, even at my most exhausted points, there was one thought that popped into my head several times. I remembered those few people in my life (past life is more like it), who indirectly or directly did and/or said things to be discouraging (to put it nicely). From passive aggressive comments and actions to discussing me (and my son!) online, I’ve seen and experienced my fair share of wtf moments that could have easily set me back if I allowed it to. 

As I sat in traffic and thought about some of the things that once ruffled my feathers, I laughed. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. The reality is that when people do and say things to put you down, it’s a reflection of them. Not you. 

Not sure why this was even a thought. My only guess is that my subconscious wanted to remind me of those minor bumps in the road that led me to where I am today. It was a whisper letting me know that I’m resilient and strong, and that no matter what – I got this.

I definitely plan to sit and write a more detailed post about this but in the meantime…

If you’re in the middle of dealing with people who have too much to say, here are a few links I suggest you read/watch:

Mark Manson: Here’s How to Stop Caring About Things That Don’t Matter

Gary Vee: For all the haters

How to rise above the negative

Oh, and here’s another good one – Why jerks show up in your life

Hope you like this week’s Currently and link list. See you back here during the week. Or you come say hi on the gram!

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