dulce in the new year

The memories I have of my “Grandma Cheli” could easily turn this post into a book. Making pasteles, watching novelas and opening her fridge to find two homemade rice pudding cups (one for me, one for her) waiting for us are just a few things I will never forget. She was no different when my son was born. Although she had already been diagnosed with cancer, she still cooked up a storm, decorated her home and made sure to give my son everything from cuddles, tickles to her infamous bottle of milk with “un poquito de cereal.” I miss those moments.

I’ve never made ride pudding (arroz con dulce) from scratch but in honor of my grandmother and in collaboration with the American Cancer Society’s A Healthier Holiday Table campaign, I did a healthier version of this sweet treat of delight. I have a bad habit of craving something sugary before bed, especially during the winter. And if you read my Nutrilite post then you know I’m completely changing around my eating habits in 2013. Arroz con Dulce – in all its decadent glory – isn’t exactly what I would call “healthy” – But I found a recipe (Sweet Coconut Rice Pudding) which included a few substitutions and I gotta tell you – It’s good! I found the recipe at The Healthy Dish – It’s dairy free, cholesterol free and vegan. Oh, and the ginger and cinnamon aroma is enough to make your heart dance.

I hope you will join me in eating healthy and getting active this year. Did you know that eating a lot of fruits/veggies and exercise can reduce your risk of several types of cancer? Too busy? Check out these tips. Here’s to a healthy and a prosperous new year!

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