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My son can be pretty hesitant when it comes to trying to new food. So when there’s a recipe that he actually really enjoys, it’s post worthy. He and I recently attended the National Honey Board’s Back to School with Honey Cooking Class. They set us up with cooking stations and tons of amazing recipes created by Fitness Expert Barbara Trujillo. Everything was delicious but my son really enjoyed these Honey Glazed Kiwi-Strawberry Pancake Sandwiches. If you’d like to try these out for your back-to-schooler, here’s Barbara’s recipe:

1 tbsp honey
6 mini whole wheat grained cooked pancakes
1 kiwi, peeled and cut into round slices
2 strawberries, cut into round slices
1 small box of golden raisins

Preparation (makes 3 sandwiches):
Take three of the mini whole grain pancakes and place on a dish. Next, stack each one with a slice of kiwi, another pancake and top off with a slice of strawberry. Once you’re done building your three pancake sandwiches, insert a toothpick through each one to hold them together. Set aside

In a small saucepan add the honey and raisins and heat them over medium heat, stirring slowly until they blend together to form a glaze. Remove the glaze from heat and allow to cool. Drizzle each fruit sandwich with the glaze and serve. Yum!

To see more energy packing recipes, head over to Miel Pura for plenty back to school recipe ideas in español or check out the Honey Board’s site.

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