fall crush

Who mixes pumpkins with oranges and mangos? It’s October, for crying out loud. Mangos are out. Pumpkins are in. I should stick to one seasonal theme, but Los Angeles has been behaving like mid-July. I’m hella confused. I’m still sipping on refreshing drinks while my east coast friends talk about cider and apple pie. Plus. I’m still in Vegas mode. The palm trees keep telling me to add some kick to my soda and grab a hammock. I combined Hansen’s Natural Mango Orange with red wine and created a sorta Wine Crush so fit for Summer, I can feel the ocean breeze. But I’m so happy that fall is upon us. And I cannot wait for Los Angeles to say “My bad, it’s Fall I’ll cool down now.” For now, I will thoroughly enjoy my drink – while I stare all the Fall fashion I cannot wear. After all, in a few day I will be officially be the mother a teenage boy. Bottoms up!

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