Black Lace Jumper

About a month ago, I walked into a local boutique to look around and found this cute jumper from Three Dots. I was going to a product launch party for Urban Decay. I really liked how it was very conservative on top but surprises you with a very short leg. I think it’s a perfect outfit for Fall in Los Angeles. The weather still feels like summer but you have to figure ways to make the seasons in what you wear. To make the transition, I start adding textures and different colors but keep the styles cool for warm days.
I love shopping at local boutiques because you always find something different than what you’d normally buy. In my case, it’s almost always more than a shopping experience as many of the business owners within the area are from the community. While trying on this jumper, I learned that the owner’s daughter goes to my son’s school and that they have many mutual friends. Of course as moms, we exchange pictures and notes and what we know about what’s going on with which kid along with our concerns and growing pains as parents. Yep, parents have growing pains too

(Three Dots Jumper, Zara belt old, Michael Kors crossbody bag, Guess heels old but similar, Anarchy Street bangle similar)

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