Benefits of bath time

Growing up, bath time was the ultimate ‘me’ time for my mom. Self-care was never skimped on, and it’s a routine she passed down to me.  There is no such thing as I have no time when it comes to my baths. I make the time. They benefit me in so many ways – emotionally, physically, mentally. 

Benefits of bath time

If you’re the shower and go type, I highly suggest you switch out some of those showers for baths. Take time to relax and immerse yourself in water. It’s good for the mind body and soul. Here’s how:

Better night’s sleep 

The moment I dip mt toes into the water, I can already feel the calm take over. Add lavender soap and you’re ready for a the great sleep. Studies have shown that bathing releases melatonin when the cool hits causing the body to feel relaxed and ready for bed. I also love to turn on my essential oils diffuser. 

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Fight a cold

It’s not ideal to take hot baths. They should be warm. However, when you’re sick with flu or cold the steam from bath is beneficial. It can help to decongest your lungs and sinuses, and get you on the road to health. 

Soothe your skin

A warm bath will up up your pores leaving your skin refreshed and radiant, especially if you drop in a bit of oils to your water. 

Improve circulation

Submerging your body into warm water will send more blood to your skin’s surface lowering your blood pressure. This is great way to say goodbye to a stressful day. 

Benefit your muscles, joints and bones

Bathing is the one of the biggest treats I can give my already weary muscles, joints and bones. Epsom baths have a crucial in helping my neck and TMJ joints calm down a bit. 

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