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I changed the name of my blog a year ago to Perennial Chic because I wanted to focus on beauty, style and business for older women. I’ve since had the privilege of working on several campaigns geared toward kick-a$$ women who are not afraid of the aging process (it happens to all-of-us), want to look their best, be fierce and start that business they always dreamed of. 

In the process, I met Catherine Grace of the popular Forever Fierce community. She shares many of the same views I do about living your best life at any age, so we decided that collaborating together was a must. She introduced me to Janise from Mama in Heels (a blog I’d been following for years) and Jacqueline from Yellow Brick Runway, and together we’re now called The Fierce Connection. We’ve got a few things up our sleeve, so stay tuned!

To make sure our first photo was fierce…Lily Lark provided the beautiful hand-crafted parasols (they protect from over 98% of damaging UV rays too!) you see in this pic. I love, love, love the custom printed fabrics and artisan-made bamboo frames. They’re hand-crafted and Thailand, and are each a work of art. 

Thank you to Lily Lark and to Catherine for setting this all up. More coming soon…


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