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I’ve been eye-ing the BCBG Loretta sweater for weeks now, and finally got it after it went on sale. I had the devil on one shoulder telling me it’s OK to buy something for yourself and an angel on the other telling me to stop being selfish because Christmas is around the corner and this was no time for indulging. When I saw the sale, I took it as a compromise. This sweater is perfect with skinnies, a pencil skirt or even an A-line. I’m excited to play around with looks. Maybe I will get some inspiration from the list of 40+ Style blogs I created for Babble a few days ago. I loved looking through all of the pictures, bios and posts. You must check it out. Lots and lots of style inspiration. I also found several beauty blogs for women 40, 50 and up. I’ve been on the hunt for those because my skincare concerns at 40 are so different than what they were 10 years ago. I also want to see blogs that focus on makeup tips for someone over the age of 35. I like my makeup classic with a fresh twist. Mary Kay always send me great stuff along those lines, like their holiday bundle of makeup goodies. I’m actually wearing MK Rock ‘n’ Red Lip Gloss, Shy Blush Cheek Color and Love Lash in black.
mary kay theartmuse
These make the perfect gift for the classic woman. And I also love that they take the guess work out of which products work together. Their site has different looks, sets, everything. Now …. to find a pencil skirt to go with my new sweater … (that may need to to wait until the 26th!)

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