So … I decided to do a recap of some of my blog’s highlights of 2013. It’s been a full year to say the least. I’ll try my best to be sum it up. My memory decided it was going to quit after I tried to overload it with dates and numbers, so they’re not in a strict order or anything.
I started off 2013 with a trip to Michigan with Ford, and had the best time ever (even though I got sick with a cold mid-trip). I got to visit the Henry Ford Museum , which houses the Kennedy car, Rosa Parks bus and Lincoln’s chair. One of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had at museum.
stylepics theartmuse My blog was given a facelift, and I started adding more style posts. Just for fun. I love clothes, accessories and all that good stuff. Little did I know that these pictures would open up a few new doors. Putting these images all together has given me lots of new ideas for 2014.
moma Ah, The MoMA. I went to NYC twice in 2013 (or was it once in the end of 2012?). It’s my hometown and I can never go without visiting at least one of my favorite museums. This particular trip was for the LATISM conference, which was held a few blocks away from MoMA at the Waldorf. We were working with our client  Johnson & Johnson but during a lunch break I stopped by to see a few Pollocks and Cezannes.
beauty theartmuse
I became a beauty blogger for Babble. Starting with my post about turning 40. Oh yes, I turned 40 is 2013 too!
DSC_4219This is from my trip to Miami. Part work, part fun. My boyfriend (who once lived in Miami) took me to Morakami in So. Florida. Beautiful place! He flew back here for a visit, and I took him to Huntington Gardens for Japanese Zen beauty. This was the last trip before he finally moved west.
stylepics theartmuse
A few months into working with Babble, I also started contributing to their Style Channel. I also wrote a few posts for Latinmom.me.
hush theartmuse
Lots of cool art shows happened this year, like Hush. You can see more art stuff here.
dayofdeadMy Day of the Dead posts were a lot of fun, and were featured on Buzzfeed and NBC Latino.
babble theartmuseAnd recently I was listed in Babbles 100 Best Blogs of 2013, which was truly an honor to be in such great company.

Putting these images together has given me lots of inspiration for the new year. In the beginning 2013, I had several goals for the blog but left room open to explore – some ideas worked, some didn’t. That’s the great thing about blogging. It’s just an organic process that just progresses through time. I’m super excited about 2014, and all that awaits! Here’s to a prosperous new year!

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  1. Sounds like quite an amazing year! And what stunning photographs of your outfits and museum trips. I believe I recall your Day of the Dead photos from earlier this year… they are incredible – I wonder how much time they took to create?! My favorite aspect of yours is the flower on your chin, it makes such a scary look oh so sweet!
    Happy to discover your blog from the Over 40 Blogs feature you wrote (which I loved).
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

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