Empty nest beauty routine

Neutrogena repair

Hello there! I’m back with fresh content! I took a break to really focus on a long list of things, one of them being self-care. As I mentioned in my last post, my son finished high school and will soon be embarking on the ever-evolving journey that is college life. It’s been a bitter sweet chapter (I’m going to miss him so much!) that has inspired me to take this time to really take care of myself now that I am an empty nester – starting with Neutrogena’s Triple Age Repair Night Moisturizer and Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector to help me get prepped for date nights with my guy!

Neutrogena Triple age repair

Empty nest beauty routine

I’m pretty good about taking care of my skin. I use SPF and don’t sunbathe often but no matter how diligent we are, uneven skin tone and wrinkles come-a-knockin’ as we get older. I’m totally fine with aging. We can’t stop the hands of time but if I can slow down the progression of wrinkles, then all the better. 

Triple Age Repair Night Moisturizer  is such a wonderful treat for your skin. Apply every night for 4 weeks and you will really see a difference in skin tone and texture. Using HEXINOL® Technology and Vitamin C, this formula is a must-have for summer, especially if wearing foundation in hot weather is not your thing. 

I love the way it feels and smells. Use with any of Neutrogena’s wash products and your skin will be radiant. I just apply a bit of mascara and I’m done. 

neutrogena tone repair

Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector  is loved by so many of my friends, and for good reason. Also infused with Vitamin C, it instantly brightens skin. It’s also packed with accelerated Retinol SA to help diminish dark spots and discoloration. I’ve been using this corrector for a while now, and I seriously cannot be without it. 

Apply daily to face and neck (never forget the neck!) and gently massage throughout. Make sure you get those manchas. You can also use it under your makeup as a primer as well for a more radiant look. 

neutrogena tone repair

I gotta keep my skin looking radiant for all those upcoming date nights! I have a lot to learn about this new life as an empty nester. But I definitely plan to go into it feeling confident and looking my best. 

This post was in collaboration with Neutrogena. 

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