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Something is in the air. Mercury retrograde? It must be that. I’m not an avid astrology follower. I’m pretty on and off with it but it’s something I grew up with, for sure. Hello? Walter Mercado anyone? This month, I read that at some point, in the middle of my ‘things are phenomenal’ high, I would go through a shift so it’s best to hold off before making any major decisions. That’s life. Things happen. But I’m a Leo. I need answers. I’m a typical Leo right down to the cave napping and roaring. Not only am I Leo but I was born in the year of the Ox. I mean, OK, I get it “Universe”, I’m a strong-willed person. I didn’t need the confirmation from across the globe. There is not always an answer. There are things in life that are beyond my control … But wait, hold on just one sec. That is not entirely true. I can control my thoughts. My perception. I can control how they make me feel. I can control the emotional component that comes along with my thoughts. Ah, now that sounds good. That satisfies my inner Ox and Leo. So, Mercury, you can be pesky all you want. Bring it. It’s all good.

(blouse: gap, bangles: h&m, necklace: urban outfitters)

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  1. Rachel, I completely agree with you about controlling your perception being key. You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react. I had a boss many years ago who was an astrology lover and taught me about Mercury in retrograde; I swear whenever I’m cranky at work and I don’t immediately know why, I check to see if Mercury is retrograde! When it is, I try to not let it get the best of me by doing anything I can do to think positive thoughts or do something that will put a smile on my face or make me relax.

  2. Heh… great way to bring in astrology and our own thoughts/emotions. I think I need to get better control over my own inner world sometimes… :) I did hear about the mercury in retrograde, tho. Happy, happy birthday *month*!

  3. Ooh love your green top! Ok sorry get easily distracted, maybe it’s a Taurus thing. But I have learned that we tend to make things worse for ourselves. Hooray for you controlling your thoughts, that usually seems to help me. Think positive & you will get positive results! ;)

  4. I like how your reach the conclusion “I can control my thoughts”. That’s how I deal with my issues with food and I’m trying to open that up to include life in general. I’m working on it. But like a typical Taurus, “I like to get my way and can be stubborn.” Something is in the air, I feel it too. I’m about to do something scary and exciting but good for me and it puts me out there in the dating world. The time feels right.

  5. My mother was visiting one day and looking at People en Español, she looks at me and tells me that she looks just like a celebrity in the magazine. I start rolling my eyes because my mom is very beautiful, but she can be a bit self-obsessed. I’m wondering if she is going to show me a picture of Charytin or Lucia Mendez, but no. She turns the magazine around and shows me a picture of Walter Mercado and I start laughing my ass off and she says, ” Pero, mira nos parecemos mucho!” And in a weird way they do sort of resemble each other, but I never would have imagined that that was the celebrity she thinks she most resembles.

    Your perception is the one thing you are in control of and you seem to be quite self-aware, so I’m not worried about you one bit.

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