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Hey there!
Welcome to my site! I'm Rachel.
I’m an award-winning content creator, exhibited artist and the CEO/Creative Director of Blue Lotus Collective, a digital marketing agency. I currently call Los Angeles my home but I hail from the beautifully rich streets of NYC, where I studied at the School of Visual Arts and Columbia University, and spent more than 15 years working as a museum program curator. When I moved to LA, I caught the writing bug and started a blog. My life forever changed. I quickly navigated through the ever-changing world of the internet as a lifestyle influencer, digital account executive, social media director, speaker and influencer relations specialist. If I’m not creating content for brands or executing the direction of their online presence, I’m painting, hanging out with my family or enjoying my perennial life as a foodie and wine connoisseur. If you love all things entrepreneurship, style and living well, you’ve come to the right place!
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The Quiet Before the Storm

Looking back at my photos from Altitude Summit in Palm Springs brings so many mixed feelings. I'm happy that my business partner Lidia and I were able to enjoy the desert life for a few days, but little did I know it would be the last of it for a long while. ... VIEW POST

Cruising NY in the Chevrolet Traverse

I'm already itching to go back to New York. Our trip was just too darn short. We were there 4 days, one of which was a travel day back home. We squeezed in as much family time as we could, which can be tricky when everyone is so spread apart. The Chevy folks were kind enough to loan me the Traverse ... VIEW POST

Family reunion en Nueva York

This past Thanksgiving, my son, mother, stepdad and I headed over to New York to have a family reunion for Thanksgiving. We had to be a bit creative in where we were going to stay because we needed to visit Connecticut, the Bronx and Manhattan within the span of four short days. After much planning ... VIEW POST

Recognizing patterns

I would love to make some sort of pronouncement like "I'm back!" Truth is, I can't really claim that yet. My last blog post was in April. I need to ease my way back in. Because, truth be told... I've had a tough year. ... VIEW POST

Introducing new cats into the home

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own. I've always loved animals but I never thought I would become a bonafide cat lady. I have three fur babies that I spoil to no end every single day. And by spoil I mean I have full-blown conversations with them, anticipate seeing ... VIEW POST